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Policies and Strategies


1. Building and developing the quality of electricity assembling according to the ISO 9001 – 2000;

2. Training and developing the company’s human sources and building good policies to attract professional staffs;

3. Renewing and innovating for better services. Cooperating in the construction and development of relationship with clients to satisfy demands of clients;      

4. Widely applying the information technology and accepting new technologies in the management and construction well as well other tasks;

5. Finalizing regulations on financial management, policies on capital mobilization in order to meet the capital demand for projects;

6. Maintaining the country’s strong points in the electricity assembling, especially in electricity and energy provision.



Asian South East Electric Power J.S.C. specializes in providing industrial and civil electrical systems nationwide.

Asian South East Electric Power J.S.C. pledges to comply with Vietnamese laws and regulations on safety, environment and health.

All projects must comply with conditions on safety, environment and health. The company usually takes bold measures to have good management and ensure tasks on safety, environment and health.

The company always prioritizes the labor safety and ensures conditions on safety in order to avoid impacts on health of workers.

The company always pays attention to construction measures, equipment, tools and training of workers to ensure the safety.

The policies are communicated to all staff and related parties so that all staff can practice the labor safety. All staff voluntarily implement the task effectively and nobody is forced to work in unsafe conditions.

The labor safety is a duty for all people and must be strictly implemented by all staff.

The policies are accessed and improved annually to be suitable with the latest regulations of the State.

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